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This Isn't Your Average Bowling Experience

What if you wanted to plan a unique, fun way to celebrate a special event, any special event?

Suppose you have the task of planning a social event such as a birthday, engagement party, a family gathering or celebrating a milestone event. Perhaps you might be tasked with a corporate team-building event or a corporate holiday celebration. What do you do?

You don’t want the traditional type of party. You want to think outside the box.

Here is a unique idea that has been praised by visitors for being exciting and fun. An option is to hold your special occasion at the Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club. Everyone who parties here gets first-time instructions and a chance to show their lawn bowling skills. When you compare what other bowling clubs or facilities charge for event parties, you will realize that Long Beach Lawn Bowling is the best deal in town!

Seems to good to be true?

Listen to what an employee of a Long Beach company had to say about their recent corporate team-building event: “We all had a blast. We will be back again next year.”

The club has a great facility and supplies all necessary equipment you need to party and bowl. There are several experienced club members who serve as instructors at each party. After receiving basic instruction and a few practice bowls, the party-goers usually split up into teams, and engage in a competitive game of lawn bowling.

Questioning, “How many people can they handle?”

The club held numerous successful corporate and private parties last year. One international corporation bought 80 administrative staff from around the world for a corporate business party. One family bought 10 people across four generations to celebrate a special birthday party. (The babies didn’t bowl, but great-grandma did.)

The club has user-friendly facilities. Groups that have used the facilities have made the event a potluck (usually smaller social events) or had food supplied by an outside vendor, such as a taco cart and food delivery (usually a corporate event). Some groups visit to bowl in the afternoon, then go out to a restaurant together for a meal. Long Beach Lawn Bowling is sure to accommodate just about any plan.

How long will a typical party last and are there any restrictions on the day of the week?

A three hour period is provided to visitors for each event. That provides well over enough time to bowl after initial instructions. The club is available for private parties for almost any time of the day and any day of the week, as long as there is no conflicting schedules and enough lead time for the club to assemble a support team volunteers.

Who do I talk about arranging an event with the club?

The person who is the interface for the club, and an experienced instructor, is Herbert Glazeroff. He can be reached at (562-) 606-2281 or by email

Where is the club located?

The club’s mailing address is 1109 Federation Drive. If you know where Wilson High School, Blair Field or Billie Jean King Courts are, it's just a little north and across the street from the LB Recreation Golf Course.

The club is bordered on the west by Park Avenue and north by Anaheim Street.

Want more information about the club?

For more information about Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club visit: www.long


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