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5 Favorite Appetizers to Pair with Beer at Super Mex on Spring

Sometimes we get so busy craving burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice and beans that we forget about appetizers at Mexican restaurants.

Super Mex on Spring Street gives us a tasteful reminder that appetizers and cervezas with friends and families is as much a tradition in cantinas as it is in other bars around the world. And if you’re like most Mexican food-craving Southern Californians, it might be even more delicious.

Here are some of Super Mex on Springs Street’s favorite pre-main-course dishes.

Tampico Wings

Wings and beer are always a great combo. However, the unique tang in Super Mex’s wings set them apart. The Tampico wings are cooked with a dry seasoning that is not as spicy but is more flavorful than traditional seasons and sauces. Dip them into the delicious, chipotle-like Mexican ranch mix and wash ‘em down with an ice-cold Modelo.

Homemade Guacamole

Guacamole is always solid when you buy it from a store. Then, you have some real, fresh guacamole from Super Mex and you realize that it’s great. A truly great creation that’s refreshing, flavorful, and lightly-salted, making it tough to resist a second dip.


If you haven’t tried them yet, stop what you’re doing and try some chimichangas. They consist of warm, tender, shredded beef (or chicken) stuffed inside a tortilla shell and are fried to perfection. Dipped in guacamole or sour cream, enjoy this crunchy yet tender, warm and hearty appetizer!

Red Pepper Poppers

These things are addicting. Dipped in Super Mex on Spring’s signature Mexican Ranch, they have cream cheese blended with a mild red pepper that gives it just enough kick. Not to mention they are savory, warm, and gooey at the bite. We don’t recommend sharing your order of eight with more than one other person—they’re too tasty.

Chicken Tenders

Super Mex has a many unique takes on traditional appetizers. This one, however, is just your classic chicken tender. Easy, tender chicken, lightly-breaded, and dipped into classic buttermilk ranch. Everyone at the table can enjoy a sliver of chicken while you wait for your main course or try other appetizers. Or, let your kids enjoy these while you take down the wings! You can’t go wrong!

So there it is: five favorite appetizers from Super Mex on Spring. Try a “cerveza and appetizers” night for you and your friends’ next night out! The cantina cooler at Super Mex on Spring is always packed to the brim with Pacifico, Modelo, Dos Equis, Corona, and much much more, including their signature lime margaritas.


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