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Land Yourself the Right Job Using CliftonStrengths!

Ever wonder what you want to do in life? It’s an important question that many people, young and old, find themselves asking all too often. You know you need a job. You’d like to make a difference or do something that matters. But how? What were you put on this Earth to do?

Maybe the answer isn’t as far away as you think. Maybe the “thing” you’re supposed to be doing is the thing that you are very good at!

That’s where the CliftonStrengths test comes in. The evaluation technique created in the ‘80s has caught a ton of steam in recent job-hunt culture. Turns out people excel and are generally happy in the workplace when they’re doing things they do really well. What a concept.

Bolt Computer Training started offering their “Job Seeker Assistance Package” after seeing the success of CliftonStrengths assessment for their clients and the potential of unlocking its true value through expert analysis.

“It’s a really useful test,” said Bolt Computer Training owner Susan Boltinghouse. “The results of the test are broken up into 34 themes (e.g. Achiever, Learner, Harmony, Restorative, Developer). What we’ve found useful is taking a close look at your top five strengths. It’s the combination of these strengths which can be complex or uncommon, which is why most people benefit from further insight to unlock the assessment’s and their own true potential.”

The personal coaches and job training experts at Bolt Computer Training have extensive knowledge regarding the CliftonStrengths and can analyze exactly which strengths stand out, how they can be used to help place you in the right job, and how you can avoid positions that rely on skills in which you have low-scoring patterns.

“A lot of people will dismiss what the test says they’re really good at or will freak out about what the test says they’re not good at, but sometimes there are patterns that are pretty common in most people. For example, perhaps your top five strengths contain Learner, Achiever, and Responsible. There is a good bet you did very well in school, as this is a pretty common (and awesome) pattern. Now, we look at the other two in your top five. That’s what we can build on. We can then identify your unique contribution.”

Susan Boltinghouse is ecstatic about the success with her clients who are looking for a job.

“The main message is let us help you take advantage of your strengths. Not only in applying for a job but in looking for the right job!” Boltinghouse said.

Landing the right job could certainly make all the difference in your life. Bolt Computer Training guides you through the entire 10 step process from assessment, to resumes, networking, interviewing and finally, congratulating you on your new job!

Head to to learn more about their Job Seeker Assistance Package using the CliftonStrengths assessment test.

“If I can help people land the right job a month, a week, or a day before they would have otherwise, it’s all worth it. It’s all rewarding!”

So no more asking yourself what you want to do. Let Clifton, Bolt, and your skills guide you to usefulness where you can work, feel rewarded, and make a real difference!


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