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Jack Skovgard Guarantees Out-of-the-Box Customer Service

With just one phone call, loan officer Jack Skovgard will show you his drive to have phenomenal customer service for all clients who are interested in mortgage loans.

“I am always looking out for you and your family,” he said. “I am not trying to push you into a loan, [instead] I am trying to set you up for the exact loan products that fit your needs so you avoid unnecessary refinances in the future."

With the goal to keep his clients for life and the opportunity to earn your business, he shows them the best products and goes the extra step that sometimes banks cannot give you.

“Not only are the prices comparable [to banking institutions], but you are getting a multitude of levels that banks cannot offer you,” he said.

Majority of his clients are reasonable about when to reach out and know they can reach him whenever, especially by phone.

“I think it’s important to know that when you are working with someone for a loan purchase, you can reach the person who is handling the transaction,” he said. “If there’s a problem, I am going to go out of my way to help you solve it.”

From meeting at the client’s place of preference to ensuring being treated well during the entire transaction, Skovgard is willing to go outside the box no matter what.

“Call me and ask questions,” he said. “Ask me some of the most direct questions you can. I will not be offended by anything, and I will give you honest answers. One call to me can save you a bunch of money.”

He wants clients to know his purpose is to help the people and it’s not about him making more money. With not being afraid to lose business, he stands by honesty and telling people the best offers among various quotes from different banks.

His business mantra is people do business with people they like, and there is no better way to be likable than with being a great source of information and honesty.

“My goal is not to get rich from the people in the city,” Skovgard said. “It’s to help the people in the city avoid spending more than they should.”

Anyone interested in refinancing a loan or with mortgage loan questions, call Jack Skovgard at (562) 340-9553 or visit his website at


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