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Add the GFC Sandwich to the List of Millennial Accomplishments

The last few times I went to Prime by Shenandoah, I’ve been enamored with the seasonal dishes (and rightfully so.) That’s part of what makes Prime so fun and trendy—the seasonal, savory specials!

But during my last visit, enough was enough. It was time for me to try the sandwich Prime is known for, which contains delicious fried chicken that’s already locally famous. That’s right, I’m talking about the Granny’s Fried Chicken (GFC) Sandwich.

First, a quick history lesson. If you don’t know, Prime by Shenandoah is an offshoot of Shenandoah Restaurant at the Arbor in Los Alamitos (and formerly in Belmont Shore). Owner Clint Wilson is the son of “Shenandoah,” who grew up in the business and learned all the ins and outs of the menu, atmosphere, and success. Soon after, he took those attributes and creating a hipper, younger, trendier joint on Fourth Street. A Shenandoah for millennials if you will (disclaimer: you don’t have to be a millennial to enjoy).

Shenandoah at the Arbor has always been famous for their Granny’s Fried Chicken. It’s simply delicious. Grandma’s recipe churns out a crispy but incredibly juicy, tender, and delightfully seasoned southern-style chicken breast that has brought customers back again and again for over 20 years.

Good enough, right?

Wrong. We’re talking about millennials here. This is the generation that puts French fries in burritos and Doritos in tacos. We won’t stand for just fried chicken and luckily, Clint Wilson won’t either.

Enter the Granny’s Fried Chicken Sandwich. That tender, crispy, Cajun-fried chicken, smothered in chipotle aioli, garlic jack cheese, and “Cali” slaw—all served on a delicious brioche bun.

The result? Simply amazing.

As regular customer, Heather Frias saw me "oohing" and "ahhing" at the sandwich.

“I don’t know how they make their batter so good and crunchy without drying the chicken, it’s so juicy!” Heather said.

I don’t know either, Heather, but I agree!

This has to be one of the best sandwiches in Long Beach. It’s ridiculous. With hints of both sweet (aioli, garlic) and spicy (chicken, chipotle), this sandwich blends on your taste buds like a true millennial mash-up success. We’re talking like Jay-Z and The Verve (if you don’t understand the reference, it’s a good thing).

So next time you’re looking for an awesome, knock-your-socks-off sandwich to sit down and eat or take to-go, try the GFC at Prime by Shenandoah. It’s an old classic with just the twist you were looking for!


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