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Rent Well-Kept Properties with Beach Cities Management

Indeed, life is better “living at the beach” when you know your housing is well taken care of. At Beach Cities Management, honesty and property upkeep are core values. As a result, tenants flock to rent with Beach Cities Management because they know they are receiving excellent service and are being cared for.

“I think what separates us apart from a lot of property management companies is that we actually do our own maintenance,” said Leslie Keeney, property coordinator at Beach Cities Management. “Tenants will actually come rent with Beach Cities because they know we manage nice, well-kept properties.”

Beach Cities Management uses AppFolio, a software that allows tenants to submit maintenance requests online through the Beach Cities website. Say your garbage disposal breaks. You can submit this issue online and Beach Cities will deploy a handyman to fix it.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Keeney, who is also a Beach Cities tenant herself. “I can log into the [AppFolio] portal online and it will tell me when my next month’s rent is due; you can set up autopay, so really, the only thing tenants need to do is remember to have money in the bank. Property owners can also access the owner portal through the system as well, to make it easy for them to view their financials.”

What’s really great about the online maintenance requests, Keeney says, is that the site tracks the progress of the situation.

“As soon as we open [the maintenance request], it notifies the tenant,” Keeney said. “We make sure to take care of things in a timely fashion.”

Owned by Dustin Edwards, who has 20 years experience managing properties, Beach Cities Management has received rave reviews on from tenants, citing the property management team’s friendliness, professionalism, and ability to get the job done when it comes to home maintenance issues.

For property management inquiries, call (562) 888-0247 for property management inquiries or visit to see a list of available rentals.


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