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Meet Jack Skovgard, Your Neighborhood Loan Officer

While loans and mortgages can be overwhelming, loan officer Jack Skovgard aims to create a stress-free process by going above and beyond with each client.

“If there is a way I can save you money or there is a better loan product I can get you, I am going to do it,” Skovgard said. “There is no stone I won’t turn over to try and make sure my clients are taken care each time.”

Skovgard points out that most mortgage brokers carry a fairly negative connotation for putting their clients at higher rates to earn more commission. However, he is trying to bring a concierge-style service to the business.

“We take more of a stance on how we can educate our clients and real estate partners,” he said. “My ultimate goal is to make it as easy for you, and I am only asking of things to get this loan done for you.”

Skovgard has an advantage in providing clients with the best possible loan option due to technology-based practices and independence from investors.

“When you have me on your team, you are getting the best deal. You are getting someone who is fighting for you on your side with the banks,” he said. “It’s me and you versus the banks.”

But for Skovgard, becoming a loan officer was not always a first choice. He worked in television development for NBC Universal in Los Angeles for about six and a half years after graduating from college. During that time, his friend and now broker, Alan Evans with Long Beach Home Loan, tried to recruit him several times because Skovgard had a past in sales.

“When I got let go [from the production company] and with other life changes happening, it seemed like a good time to take a risk,” he said. “Why wouldn’t I take an opportunity to jump right back into the community and help people stay here?”

He recalls shadowing to learn the different processes before taking the exam to get his license to be a loan officer.

“When I use to work in reality television, I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone,” he said. “And this, for being such a financial focused job, it comes with a lot of creativity I didn’t know existed.”

While going through the mortgage process, Skovgard always has a solution for his clients no matter what.

“New problems come up. New fires to put out. New clients to get to know,” he said. “For me, it is easy to connect with people and feels like I am making new friends and helping them along the way.”

To find out about loan options, visit Jack Skovgard’s website at or give him a call at (562) 340-9453 to schedule an appointment.


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