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Jered Stone Wins the Long Beach Open

I would do anything for $175,000. Heck, I would do anything for $20.

Jered Stone of Corral de Tierra, California, is $175,000 richer after winning the Long Beach Open on Sunday. He finished the four-day tournament between Skylinks Golf Course and El Dorado Park Golf Course with a 23-under 265.

Do we all understand how ridiculous that is? Stone shot a 10-under 62 at El Do on Friday with nine birdies and an eagle on 15. One Stone killed nine birdies to grab the lead. Probably the multitask of the century.

It was sad to see a non-Long Beach guy win our tournament, but if you fire a 23-under week, then you deserve every cent of 175 grand.

Long Beach State alum Brett Lederer fired a nice 69 on Sunday at El Do to finish 15-under. His 273 was good enough to tie for 11th.

LBSU senior Joe Fryer led everybody in the Amateur Division with a 13-under 275. GREAT news for LBSU men’s golf this season: Fryer and Wilson grad Tyler Schafer will be on the same squad. They’re the two best college golfers in the country that I know.

Another LBSU alum, Torey Edwards, finished second in the Amateur Division after shooting an 8-under 280.


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