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Meet Your Mail Carrier: James Parker

James Parker has worked as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service for the past 36 years. James has the most seniority in Long Beach, 90808. His route includes the El Dorado Park Estates, which he has delivered to for about three years. He currently resides in Los Alamitos, although his roots hail from Los Angeles. James describes his days as relaxed and mellow.

People who know James say he has a relaxed, easy-going spirit himself. Outside of work, James enjoys attending church at Garden Grove’s Church of God and listening to music. A couple of his favorite genres include jazz and gospel, with one of his favorite jazz artists being Joe Sample. He also has a passion for reading books in his spare time. His two children, James Jr. and Kera, are both living on their own close to home.

In 2005, James became the Spring Carrier Annex’s Union Steward and represents roughly 80 people who work at his station. The Union Steward plays an important part in maintaining workplace dignity and respect by serving as a bridge for people to voice their opinion in the union. He says it requires a lot of studying and hard work, but he enjoys helping people. Many appreciate James’s humble attitude and kindness.

Make sure to wave hello next time you see James!


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