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Meet Your Mail Carrier: Dave Maxwell

Dave Maxwell has worked for the United States Postal Service in Long Beach for the past 41 years. During his time as a carrier, he’s become a recognizable figure in the neighborhood not only because he stands out at 6’ 5” tall, but also because of his charismatic presence. Dave is extremely friendly and loves to chat with the local neighbors and business employees.

Dave always has a smile on his face and greets everyone with a happy hello or joke of the day. Often, he will go out of his way to help people out when he can. The elderly folks on his route love Dave for the fact that he’s always there to help fix something or screw in a loose light bulb out of reach. If he knows someone is expecting a package, he’ll inquire about its whereabouts for the person awaiting its arrival.

Outside of work at the Post Office, Dave is a family man and resident of Lakewood and his favorite pastimes are playing golf, working on home renovations, and rooting on his favorite Los Angeles sports teams. He also has two daughters, Shelby and Makayla, both of whom have attended Long Beach State University.

When asked if he plans to retire in the near future, he gives no definite answer. However, when he retires, he wants to play more golf, attend more sporting events, and spend more time with his dog, Leroy, barbecuing outside with his family. As for now, Dave loves his job because he feels fortunate to interact with the public and stay physically active.


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