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4 Ways to Get your Car Looking Brand New for Summer

Naples Island Car Wash and Detail provides tips on ways to take care of your car in time for summer.

Throughout the year, our vehicles encounter debris and particles that can damage the various layers of paint over time. Luckily, there are ways to protect it so that your car looks better than ever and stays that way during the summer. Here are four tips from Naples Island Car Wash and Detail that will make your car feel brand new.


One way to protect your car from the summer heat is to get your car waxed.

“Waxing not only gives the paint on your car a good gloss, but it also provides a sacrificial layer on top of your car’s clear coat that protects it,” said Hugo, the Naples Island Car Wash and Detail Manager.

“The wax reduces the friction between debris on the street and your car. This means that the debris you encounter is more likely to slide right off your car rather than scratching, or damaging your paint.”

Naples Island Car Wash and Detail offers the Hand Wax Service and the Premium Wax Service that will leave your car looking glossy, while also protecting the paint!


A great service to add to waxing is a claying service, which decontaminates your paint surface.

“What is so great about clay for the summer months is that it removes dirt from your paint, something handwashing cannot,” said Hugo. “It removes all the dirt built up on the clear coat so that your car looks fresh and clean.”

The process starts with gliding the clay along the surface of your car’s paint so that it grabs onto anything that protrudes from the surface. “Those particles that the clay picks up on with stick to the clay and will be removed from your car,” said Hugo. “While claying the surface of your car we always make sure that it is wet with clay lubricant to prevent loose debris from scratching your vehicle any further.”

It is really beneficial to clay and wax your car so that you get optimal benefits for the summertime while adding multiple protective layers.


The Naples Island Car Wash Complete Exterior Detail package is the best way to go if you want to get your car ready for summer. They will add the claying treatment to your car, plus a machine buffing polish with a sealant and wax to keep it looking great.

“What makes an exterior detail slightly different than just getting our waxing treatment is that we use an orbital polisher to remove oxidation and light scratches and any swirl marks that might have been caused by being exposed to the elements,” said Hugo. “We are able to achieve this by using compounds, polish, and glazes on the various pads that are made from wool or foam, each of which leaves your paint brighter and leaves a glossy finish.”


This last service is, of course, optional, but the inside of your car could always use sprucing so that it feels fresh and new! The Complete Interior Detail Service at Naples Island car Wash includes shampooing all carpets and upholstery; they treat and condition leather and vinyl, as well as remove stains.

The interior detail is great for removing the heavy dirt that has been built up on your vehicle over the winter, and since you sit inside of your car every day, why not have it looking like it did when you first bought it?

We hope these tips will give you some ideas on how you can get your car feeling like brand new for the summer months. To learn more about Naples Island Car Wash and Detail, check out their website to make an appointment! They also offer prepaid wash booklets that can save you money on each 100% hand wash for your vehicle.


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