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4 Reasons Why BBQ is the Best Summer Food

One of the best things about summer is being outside while enjoying the sun with friends and family. What makes it even better is having delicious food that joins everyone together, like good old-fashioned barbecue. Most of the time, family and friends are coming in from out of town, kids are out of school, and finding a meal that everyone enjoys can be hard.

Thankfully, barbecue is customizable to make sure that everyone loves it, which is something that Naples Rib Company takes pride in offering. Naples Rib Company has a variety of catering options that work whether you are planning a summer birthday or work event. Since graduation season and summer are nearly upon us, we thought we would give four reasons why barbecue is the best food option for any of your summer-fun events.

1. It’s easy to customize a menu that works for your guests

Naples Rib Company makes it extremely easy to customize a barbecue menu that will work best for you and your summer events. There are options like party packs, trays and buckets if you want to be able to pick up the food yourself, or you can do a full catering option that is completely customizable.

“We have also offered way more than just barbecue items,” said Naples Rib Company owner Dave Ursini. “We have a sandwich bar that is the most economical because you can make your own sandwich. We also have a Luau menu where instead of using traditional barbecue sauce, we have a luau/teriyaki sauce. The side orders on that menu are also slanted towards the Hawaiian theme. We also have an awesome prime rib that can be carved on site.

2. It is a summer tradition

It’s hard to think about summer and not think of barbecue. The two have become synonymous and are nostalgic for many people who throw annual barbecues with their friends and families. Whether it is going to the beach, throwing a bonfire, or going to a park, barbecue makes each even more fun. One of the summer traditions for Naples Rib Company is catering over 900 people at the Big Bang on the Bay event that is put on by Boathouse on the Bay. Every year on July 3rd, fireworks illuminate Alamitos Bay and people dance, talk and mingle while enjoying Naples Rib Company. It’s traditions like this that make barbecue so great.

3. You get messy and have fun while eating it

We all know that barbecue is often a messy food. There are buckets for your bones, bibs to catch the barbecue sauce, and wet towels to help clean it all in the end. But it’s that messy process of eating barbecue with your loved ones and laughing while you do it that makes it so much fun.

Naples Rib Company can also help with the more “messy” parts of your event too. They make it easy for you by providing various options that fit your event’s needs.

“We can provide anything from you picking up the food, to a full-service catering with staff on site and a mobile barbecue,” Ursini said. “We even offer re-washable plates and silverware as an option, or disposable paper plates and plasticware.”

4. It works for any event whether it is inside or outdoors

Sometimes, when you’re planning an event, it can seem hard to find food that has the ability to be both relaxed and fun, but also sophisticated and delicious. But, surprisingly, barbecue can do both. Naples Rib Company has catered their food at a variety of venues like their banquet room that seats up to 55 guests.

“It is great for team banquets, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, really any celebration you can think of,” Ursini said. ”If your group is larger than 55 guests, we are able to work with various locations in the area that allow our food at their facilities. The LB Marriott by the Long Beach Airport, Skylinks Golf Course, Big Rec, El Dorado Golf Course, and more. Those venues can seat anywhere from 60-400 guests,” Ursini said.

Ursini also said that up to 90 percent of Naples Rib Company’s catering jobs are held at locations provided by their customers. Locations like at your home, your business, or maybe even a clubhouse in the community. There really isn’t a summer event that couldn’t benefit from having something delicious from Naples Rib Company.

Naples Rib Catering at the Long Beach State Homecoming Game

It’s safe to say that barbecue really is one of the best summer foods to serve at any event. Naples Rib Company has catered for some well-known clients in the community like Long Beach State University, Long Beach Memorial Hospital where they feed 1,200 nurses during Nurses Week, the Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles, and more.

If you want to learn more about how you can bring their great catering to your next event make sure to visit their website to find an option that will work best for you and your event.


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