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Millikan baseball had the pleasure of playing in somewhat of an exhibition game on the big league diamond at Angel Stadium last week against Trabuco Hills (OC schools are spoiled and the Rams got invited to join the party, somehow).

What was the final score? I don’t care. But sophomore LF Nico Briones made an absolutely ridiculous play in one of the middle innings. I wasn’t really paying a lot of attention to the game, but I didn’t miss this…

Some Trabuco scrub hit a long fly ball down the left field line heading toward the Modelo sign by the foul pole (I know what you’re thinking…no, they didn’t sell beer at the game and yes, I was very upset as well). It looked like a double for sure and I was just waiting to see if it was landing fair or foul. But it didn’t land at all. This kid Nico sprinted back over his right shoulder about 35 yards or so and laid out, full extension, to make the grab. Give it up for the program young fella! Either this kid makes this play on the reg or the Millikan faithful forgot what an epic play looked like, because the reaction was exceptionally ordinary. I don’t know much about baseball, but I was thinking, “Folks, Justin Upton doesn’t even make that play! UNREAL.” Keep doing your thing Nico. You got yourself a fan at 908.

On a completely different note, high school teams playing regular season games at a big league park like Angel Stadium is out of control. It’s definitely a really cool experience for the kids, but what happened to the good old days? Back in the day you had to be really, really good to play at Dodger or Angel Stadium. Like ‘we’re playing for a CIF Southern Section championship’ good. I wonder what the Millikan teams that won back-to-back CIF-SS titles in 1991 and 1992 thought about this. “Oh cool yeah, I remember playing at Angel Stadium too. Only, there were thousands of more people there for my game. And we got to carry a championship plaque home.”

Millennials, AM I RIGHT?!


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