Shoot Your Shot with Rahshaun Haylock

HAPPY MARCH STILL! We sat down with Fox Sports reporter Rahshaun Haylock at 49er Tavern to talk about Big West basketball and his career so far (8:32-46:23). In 'Iron Sharpens Iron' we talked about Long Beach State and Moore League baseball (2:34-6:50). We debate some of the hottest topics in society in 'Shoot Yours Hot Topic' (48:55-56:35). As always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is Long Beach State Dirtbag Clayton Andrews (56:36-57:42).

Shoot Your Shot: Top-5 Sideline Reporters with Rahshaun Haylock

If Rahshaun Haylock isn't in your top-5 sideline reporters of all time you're DEAD WRONG. Check out ours.

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