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Yago Make Me Juice My Mind

That’s been the slogan at Yago Juice, owned by Paolo Lopez, since the shop opened over 5 years ago. He’s passionate about providing the community an alternative, healthier choice to fast food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! A Yago combo of an açaí bowl paired with a cold pressed juice will surely satisfy one’s appetite.

Juices are cold pressed and their signature açaí bowls are made fresh to order. “We don’t and won’t use açaí sorbet as others use. Although the prep time would be cut down, we want to be known for blending our açaí bases fresh. Our customers don’t mind the extra wait.”

The Los Altos shop also serves smoothies, but without a doubt is known for its signature açaí bowls.

The top selling bowls, the Longshoreman and the Roundabout, as well as others such as the Pyramid, Nuthin but a Green thang, and the Queens Bee, were specifically named with the Long Beach community in mind.

“I love Long Beach and realize how important local community support is in order to establish a small business. Without the community, we wouldn’t be here.”

Paolo says people are starting to realize an açaí bowl is a great choice for a meal replacement and not a dessert like ice cream. “I tell people, yes eat it for your meal and see how you feel a couple hours later and whether you still have good energy instead of crashing like you would from eating fast food or meals heavy in carbohydrates.”

For Paolo, the shop is a dream come true, and the answer to him escaping the corporate world with no work-life balance. “Before I opened this shop, I would try to take a break and surf a couple hours in the morning and I’d have 40 emails by the time I was out of the water. I was stressed. Owning Yago still comes with stress, but it’s a fun stress on my schedule.”

If you’re wondering if you should go give their bowls a try, our advice is as the motto goes...#yagomakemejuicemymind!



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