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There's Still Some Time To "Show Some Love!"

By Monique Garcia

Something that makes Long Beach such a beautiful and interesting place to live is the community that is willing to go above and beyond to build a more beautiful Long Beach. In this case, a fundraiser to raise donations for two non-profits resulted in a charming snapshot of love in Long Beach.

In partnership with 2ND & PCH and local artist Andrea James, Leadership Long Beach and Precious Lamb Preschool brought the gift of love and beauty to Long Beach with the "Show Some Love" art installation.

For those of you who don’t know, Leadership Long Beach inspires and cultivates a strong community through its leadership programs run by alumni volunteers. Precious Lamb Preschool works to provide education free of charge to children experiencing homelessness. Both non-profits work to improve the greater Long Beach community and teamed up in this Valentine’s Day event to gain support for their causes.

This mural of hearts asked people to make a donation of at least $40 to have a short dedicated message of their choosing written into the hearts. This community love letter is the perfect showcase of love in Long Beach while also being a great selfie opportunity. With over 50 hearts sold during the fundraiser, the heart mural has officially ended this week.

For those who don't have the time in their schedules to visit the mural before it's gone, enjoy some of the wholesome messages people chose to share:

Sean Devereaux, Executive Director of Leadership Long Beach, hopes to be able to bring more events like "Show Some Love" to Long Beach.

"There are opportunities to reproduce an event like this in the future that can not only help promote local nonprofits, but also support artists, engage our communities, and continue our business partnerships as well," stated Devereaux.

The mural is painted straight across from Boba Guys at 2ND & PCH. If you want to read more of these warm messages, make sure to stop by before the mural is replaced!



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