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The Long Beach Public Library Foundation - Because Libraries Are So Much More Than Books!

Jessica Arnieri, mother of three, thanks the Long Beach Public Library system

for helping her children stay engaged during this pandemic’s trying times. All

resources available to families like Jessica’s are made possible by the Long Beach Public Library Foundation.

By Maricela de Rivera

On her experience as a mother of three children too young for school, Jessica Arnieri reflects, “Shortly after the pandemic started we tried online story times, and my kids were just not into it. We decided to give it one more try with our local library, and my kids loved it.” Arnieri credits the bilingual programming from Circle of Stories - Círculo de Cuentos - for maintaining her young children’s literacy development during the pandemic shutdown. “We are a bilingual

household so I really appreciate it when I can find quality activities for my kids in Spanish. It was great watching them engaged and genuinely having a good time.”

Programming supported by The Long Beach Public Library Foundation was able to do what

other online literacy programming could not – it held the attention of Arnieri’s 4- and 5-year old children. Sit still and stare at a screen? That’s a big “no thanks” from most preschoolers. Of course the library knows that! The experts who created Circle of Stories also had Foundation support to create the bilingual program Dive Into School! - ¡Sumérgete en La Escuela! According to Arnieri, “The difference was, it was much more interactive. First, there were supplies of musical instruments, which got my kids’ attention right away. Second was that it felt much more intimate. They always addressed my children by name, so they in turn engaged back. Third, it got them moving. It wasn’t just sitting and listening. They got to get their wiggles and giggles out.”

Arnieri loves that once reopening occurred, her mom, known to the kids as Tita and a major part of their lives, could attend with them. “Having her attend the program, where they give us tips on early literacy and math, among other subjects, is amazing. Showing both her and me available resources we can continue to explore after the program is so great. To top it off,

they sent us home with materials and two really great books to practice what we learned in class.”

There can be no more resounding an endorsement than, “I love our local library, the programs in Spanish and English, and the people who run them. Our family as a whole benefits greatly and looks forward to more programs in the future.” Help the LBPL Foundation fund more innovative age 0 - 99 community programming at

Since 1996, the Long Beach Public Library Foundation has fundraised and advocated for equal access to literacy, education, technology, and essential community resources through the Long Beach Public Library. The Library Foundation supports free programs, resources, and enhancements available at Long Beach Public Libraries such as The Family Learning Center Program, one-on-one homework help and job search assistance for patrons of all ages, computer skills training, English as a second language resources, resources for school projects, technology labs at the Billie Jean King Main Library and the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library. The Mobile Studio brings Makerspace Studio resources to all neighborhood branch libraries as well as parks, schools, and community events. Resources include instruction in 3D printing, robotics, coding, graphic design, audio and visual recording, video game design, and a variety of mediums for school projects, art installations, and business concepts. Highly talented studio guides provide workshops and one-on-one assistance for patrons of all ages and skill levels, literacy support at all levels. Hundreds of new books are purchased every year to update the library’s catalog and much more! Learn more at



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