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The Hanania Family

By Lindsey Marangi


Our first Long Beach relative, my great-grandfather Jacob Elias Hanania, came to America on November 30th, 1911, at 19 years old. He arrived at Ellis Island after making the trek from Jerusalem to Cherbourg, France. The train ultimately brought him to Long Beach, 2 weeks later. My great-grandmother Nour followed him to Long Beach in 1919 with their eldest daughter, Louise.


My grandpa George joined the Long Beach Police Department in 1951, and would retire in 1977. My dad graduated from the Long Beach Police Acade-my in 1982, and after a 30-year career, would retire in 2011. The stories these two careers churned up could write a book alone; they include memories from the Naval base and the old Rainbow pier, the Watts and 1992 riots, and a whole lot more LBC than even Snoop knows about. ;)


My mom and I are both Cal State Long Beach alumni and our fam-ily has been frequenting Dirtbag games since I was in diapers. My husband owns a swimming pool business servicing Long Beach and Lakewood. He moved here from Pasadena and says his favorite part about living here is the pride from the Long Beach community.

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