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Podcast with Debi Bober: LBUSD Teacher of the Year

IT’S WINDYYYYY! We called up Dr. Debi Bober, a 5th grade teacher at Cubberley, to talk about how she’s adapting to virtual learning and how she claimed the title of “Teacher of the Year” in Long Beach and Los Angeles County (23:22-44:14).

We’re ticked off! The Boss Man and The Chosen One share their displeasure with “traffic heroes” (1:02-23:20). A half-naked man throwing rocks is tased in Belmont Shore and the boys discuss why it’s important not to shame nudity. An effort to recall Mayor Robert Garcia is called off, while he has a decent path to become California’s next senator. And what’s the difference between learning hub’s put on by parks and rec and in-person learning with a teacher? We try to uncover it (44:19-1:13:40).

As always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is JP Crawford of the Seattle Mariners (1:13:40-1:23:49).



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