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Podcast with David Leonard: New Hope Grief Support

ONE WEEK TIL THANKSGIVING! We called up David Leonard, the executive director of New Hope Grief Support, to talk about dealing with tragedy, grief, and loneliness especially during the holidays (18:11-42:23).

The Chosen One is rich after his trip to Vegas and The Boss Man is back to playing shows on Friday Night (1:03-18:11). The Chosen One is still beefing with Mayor Robert Garcia, while Governor Gavin Newsom shuts California down completely, again. Our funeral planner and the best in the business, Michele K, wants us to talk about why Mookie Betts didn’t win National League MVP. And a turf field might be going into El Dorado Park off of Studebaker and Stearns (42:23-1:14:34).

As always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is Peyton Watson of Poly High School (1:14:34-1:19:00).

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