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Podcast: RonaV Week 27

RonaV Week 27 in Long Beach! How are we coping with RonaV? The Chosen One aka Pauly Deep Pockets returns from our sister city, Temecula, a top-5 city in the United States. The Boss Man breaks down the new “Life is Great in the 908 Subscription Box” (1:01-43:31).

Long Beach State basketball is finally allowed to practice, but their new practice facility is the outdoor hoops at Minnie Gant (43:31-52:43). All CSU system classes will be virtual through the spring semester and the boys argue if it’s even worth it (52:44-59:04). The USC football players pen a letter to Gavin Newsom about playing football this year, but he says it’s not his fault. Who’s to blame? (59:05-1:20:12).

As always we ended the show with the 908 Athlete of the Week. This week is Jeremy McNichols of the Tennessee Titans (1:20:12-1:22:22).



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