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Pigeon’s Roller Rink

Why Walk When You Can Roll? Put on Your Skates and Roll Over to Pigeon’s Roller Rink for the Ultimate Skating Experience

By Monique Garcia

“Roller Skating is love, happiness, freedom, fun…it’s everything.”

Said by the owner of Pigeon’s Roller Rink, those inspiring and devoted words aptly describe her popup skate venue at 2nd & PCH. Hard-core roller skater, mother, and multi-business owner, Shayna "Pigeon" Meikle opened the roller rink in September of 2021. Not only was this a great business opportunity, the new roller rink is also a much-needed and one-of-a-kind sanctuary for the roller skating community in Long Beach.

During the height of the pandemic, roller skating took off in a big way. Seemingly out of nowhere, the population enjoying this activity doubled in size, reviving roller skates among a thriving and vibrant community. As more and more people took an interest in the sport, Pigeon’s Roller Skate Shop stood ready, a vital institution supplying roller skaters with the necessary equipment. As owner of both the Roller Skate Shop and Beach Cities Roller Derby, Pigeon embraced, with a newfound passion, her role as leader and guide to many new skaters.

For a time, rookie skaters took advantage of empty and decommissioned basketball courts to practice at the local parks. Unfortunately, however, for the roller skaters, this was a short-term solution. Not long after, Parks and Rec rehung the basketball hoops, leaving skaters with nowhere to practice but the streets and parking lots. Meikle said it was in one of these parking lots that she heard someone in her community was hit by a car while skating.

Unwilling to stand by while her community’s safety was jeopardized, Pigeon made it her mission to find a new, safe place for roller skating. During this same time, 2nd & PCH was searching for an entertainment venture to fill an empty space and bring in more visitors. After about 6 months of hard negotiations and plenty of paperwork, Pigeon was able to open her rink.

Today, Pigeon’s Roller Rink has become the much-loved home for roller skaters old and new. Pigeon’s staff is made of world-class skaters who are more than happy to answer any skating questions or concerns. The rink, with its modern twist on old school vintage deco, provides the ultimate atmosphere for any occasion: from birthdays to bachelorette parties, even wedding celebrations.

Make sure to purchase your tickets online at You can check out the open skate sessions for their special themed DJ nights. Past themes include soul, funk, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, and so much more. Pigeon’s is the perfect place to make new memories and new friends with others interested in roller skating.

The heartfelt passion and love for the roller skating community is unmatched by Pigeon’s crew. Whether you are getting back into it after years away, or someone who has never put on skates in their life, you will get nothing but love and welcome at Pigeon’s.



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