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Long Beach’s Pastime: Duffy Boats

By Marina Hernandez

As iconic to Long Beach as the cobalt blue Walter Pyramid are the open-air Duffy Boats which speckle Alamitos Bay in the summer. If you haven’t rented a Duffy recently, or at all, consider making it a priority this summer. Spend some outdoor leisure time navigating Naples and carefully slip into Jellyfish Cove to marvel at this year’s moon jellyfish arrival. Rent a duffy by the hour with these local favorites.

6274 E Pacific Coast Highway Dock, Long Beach, CA 90803

(949) 438 3607

Rent a duffy or paddleboard at Anchor’s Away within Marina Pacifica. With a fully renovated dock featuring a partnership with Eat Chow Restaurant, a fully stocked bar and outdoor games like foosball and shuffleboard, your duffy experience has just been elevated. The duffys themselves are outfitted with a back deck which, according to owner Nigel Ohrberg, “is a game changer.”

186 N. Marina Drive #4601,

Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 598-2628

Rent a duffy or wave runner at London Boat Rentals on the Alamitos Bay Landing peninsula. London Boat Rentals have partnered with many local vendors including nearby Ballast Point to provide onboard food and beer options. If you are celebrating something or someone special, call ahead to have your duffy decked out with themed tableware, balloons and more. All duffys have upgraded LED navigation lights for optimal sunset and evening cruising.



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