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Long Beach's Escape Room

Try Solving a Series of Immersive Puzzles with a Time Limit!

By Monique Garcia

Calling all fans of puzzles, mystery, and drama! You might be asking yourself - what in the world is an escape room? Here is the gist of it: Participants are shut together inside a room - a room with a theme and thrilling storyline designed to motivate you to escape. Together, you must work to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape before time runs out. Don’t worry…hints and clues are provided if you get stuck!

Until the moment we walked through the door, our group of three was worried we wouldn’t have the detective skills sufficient to solve even one puzzle. Lizzie, our host, was a great storyteller and easily immersed us into the storyline of “The Queen.” She also reassured us that even the most novice first-timers can escape. Spoiler: We actually finished with 11 minutes to spare.

Escape Long Beach opened in September 2019, based on the inspiration of escape room enthusiast Jack McCarthy with backing from his uncle, Tom Cordova. Tom used his experience running a local construction company to craft the intricate puzzles dreamed up by his puzzle-master nephew. From their joint creativity, Escape Long Beach opened two challenges: “The Lab” and later “The Queen.”

Escape Long Beach’s team takes great care to make everyone’s experience the absolute best and safest. All bookings are exclusive and private events, unlike other escape room experiences that group together multiple parties. Between each booking, the rooms are meticulously cleaned and customized for each party. You can customize the room to whatever difficulty level you prefer - beginner, intermediate, and expert.

The majority of escape rooms in this region are in the heart of L.A. Why struggle with L.A. traffic when you can drive to Long Beach’s very own awesome escape room? Escape Long Beach is located on E. Broadway near the beach and surrounded by great restaurants. Everything you need for a fun and great night is just around the corner.



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