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Granting You Free Permission To Join The LB CREW (LBC)

By John Grossi

If you love life on the beach, you’re probably part of the LB Crew and didn’t even know it!

You may have started to see this lifestyle and apparel brand around town with their trademark “LB Sea” wave logo. The LB Crew is here to put the “Beach” in Long Beach and remind people that this amazing city is also one of the best places on earth to live if you love the water, the ocean, and all the activities that go along with that.

Owner, founder, and captain of the Crew is Derek Belisle, a Long Beach native and someone who knows a lot about the beach lifestyle in Long Beach because he’s lived it his whole life.

He grew up on the Peninsula in Long Beach - swimming, sailing, skim boarding – doing anything that involved the water since as long as he can remember.

“In the summers I would go to Junior Life Guards in the morning, and then to Alamitos Bay Yacht Club for sailing in the afternoon. That was my day. I mean that’s pretty amazing and unique to where we live that I could have a childhood like that.”

He and friends growing up in Long Beach had always dreamed of making an apparel company that represented more of the beach/surf lifestyle to complement the more urban brands that already existed in the city.

“I say all the time that Long Beach is one of the best beach towns in California. We have this beautiful waterfront without all the pressure and parking problems in places like Manhattan,” says Derek.

When the right opportunity came for Derek to career-transition and start his own marketing firm (a field he’s been working in for over a decade), he realized that he also wanted to start this passion project at the same time. For Derek, LB Crew is here to represent a lifestyle brand that be believes in. One that first, and foremost, produces apparel he himself would wear.

LB Crew is an extension of the Long Beach lifestyle that so many people are drawn to – water sports and the water. The Crew offer an ever-updating online shop of locally inspired designs. For example, their red, white, and blue patriotic summer shirts and hats are here just in time not only to help celebrate the 4th of July but the Summer Olympics in Tokyo as well.

Derek’s marketing firm, Belisle Marketing, can also help small and medium businesses in and around Long Beach with any marketing needs.

If you are interested in sporting the LB Crew brand, learning more about Derek, or working with him, head to or check his lifestyle brand out on Instagram @lb.crew.

The locals know just what a beach town Long Beach is…if you know, you know, and that means you’re probably part of the LB Crew, you just need to purchase your latest shirt now!!



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