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By Marina Hernández | Photos by Alexiz Gomez

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the character at some of Long Beach’s most iconic fine dining establishments. Simply seek out the bars nestled within and enjoy good company and great drinks.

555 East

555 E. Ocean Blvd, 90802


Amid the friendly wait staff collecting orders and the trays of perfectly prepared steaks floating by, there is an intimate bar nook keeping its occupants near and focused on one another. In the bar, dark wood columns and partitions rise up around crimson-cushioned bar stools and conversations seem as private or as boisterous as your group will allow. We also like the bar at 555 for its proximity to downtown life. It’s an ideal stop before a show at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre.


101 Pine Ave, 90802


Happy Hour Daily 4pm - 5:30pm

Step up to the bar and get all the good vibes. The kinda vibes that say, “Hey, you’re here!” and “Stay awhile”. According to Riley, a long time bartender, L’Opera’s bar is at its most cheerful during happy hour when their regulars roll in alongside the convention goers, travelers, and business professionals. L’Opera is also known for its extensive wine list curated by the talented Scott Fisher. Another highlight is the espresso martini, a must-try for any coffee lover.


6272 Pacific Coast Hwy, 90803


Happy Hour Tues-Fri 4pm - 6pm

The Tantalum bar has several great seating options. First option, a sprawling bar with a panorama view of the Alamitos Bay Marina and the impressive vessels that float gently in their slips, ideal for solo drinkers and couples. Second option, comfy pillowed sofas for an intimate casual experience, or when waiting for a dining table. Third option, tall round bar tables for friendly groups of 3 or 4. The bar really gets lively around 6:30pm when live bands take the stage (4:30pm on Sundays).


5760 2nd Street, 90803


Happy Hour Daily 3pm - 7pm

“Where everybody knows your name,” this Cheers-y vibe can be experienced at Nico’s and that’s because about 90% of the patrons are neighborhood regulars who all seem to be there to hang with George, the owner. But don’t be shy if you are not one of those 90 percenters (yet), everyone is very welcoming of new faces. If you are feeling social, this is the bar to visit.

Patty’s Place

500 Pacific Coast Hwy #104, 90740 |


Happy Hour Daily 4pm - 6pm

A beautiful hammered copper horseshoe bar greets you as soon as you walk into Patty’s Place. It’s a great place to drink and people watch. With an ever-changing landscape of people entering and exiting, the bar is a fun, relaxed place to enjoy a drink especially during happy hour when all libations are $2 off, excluding bottles of wine.



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