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Coming Soon: Trusted Gut Brewing

By John Grossi

Coming soon to Redondo Ave. near Broadway is a brewery that expects to make a big and positive impact on the community. Owner Chris Garrett grew up in East Long Beach and attended Lowell Elementary. As a young man, he had an instinct for entrepreneurship, starting his own apparel brand before being recruited for a high-level job at Quiksilver, which relocated him to Seattle. Now as Garrett and his wife begin to raise their children, it was time to “trust his gut,” and jump back into the entrepreneurial game in his hometown of Long Beach.

TrustedGut is a double entendre as it also represents the “higher health consciousness” at the core of their brewing styles. “We want to make beers, seltzers, and kombuchas that feel right in your gut,” says Garrett. The brewery under construction hopes to become a destination in Belmont Heights perfectly positioned between downtown Long Beach and the Belmont Shore/Naples Area. They will have a retail component to their brewery and plan to forge a number of community relationships to help build up other entrepreneurs and small business owners who followed their intuition and are making a positive impact on the community.



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