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A Look Into Long Beach's First Winery: Waters Edge Winery

By John Grossi

When Collin Mitzenmacher had completed his decade of training and apprenticeship in winemaking, he was ready to open a winery and could not pass up the opportunity here in Long Beach.

“First and foremost, I wanted to bring the first and only winery to Long Beach,” says Collin, “But I was also just super interested in this urban niche. There are some great wine bars in this city, but it is an entirely different experience to be where the wine is being made. Oh yeah, and it’s like a top three city in the country for weather,” he laughs.

Waters Edge Winery has a front patio and picturesque side patio, as well as an amazing interior with a downstairs and upstairs. Collin sources grapes from all over the world and makes the wine right there in the shop. Every morning he goes in and does the winemaking before opening. “That’s the fun part,” he smiles. Water’s Edge offers about 25 different varietals of wine and sangria and the goal is to offer the perfect taste for everyone, whether they are enjoying in house or buying online.

For wine enthusiasts looking to be a part of Long Beach’s first winery, Waters Edge Winery’s Wine Club is a great way to take advantage of both the bottle shop and the restaurant experience, offering two bottles a month for pickup and great in-house discounts as well. Collin describes his wine-making style as, “Very approachable. These wines are ready to drink now. No need to put them on a shelf for 10 years!”


217 Pine Ave,

Long Beach, CA 90802



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