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5 Ideas for Family Fun at Heartwell Park!

By Marina Hernandez

Ever find yourself bored at home with little motivation to pack the car and head out on a grand adventure? Yup, we’ve been there too. Check out this lineup of our Top 5, amazingly effortless activities to enjoy at nearby Heartwell Park. The park runs along Carson Street from Clark down to the San Gabriel River, but we’ve isolated a few hotspots to maximize your time and experience. From the littlest of 908 friends to the most senior, this 122.5-acre strip of park packs tons of recreational fun for the whole family to enjoy.

1. Feed the Ducks and Turtles

Sprinkle a few oats over the park pond and watch ripples from gliding ducks and peeking turtles emerge. The ducks here are less aggressive than those at nearby El Dorado Park, which makes feeding and observing them an enjoyable experience. The best time to visit is in Spring when delicate ducklings can be spotted cruising alongside their mother.

2. Fly A Kite

Just west of the pond there is a sizable open area suitable for kite flying. On a breezy day, just the right amount of wind blows through the grove making it ideal for beginner kite flyers. Simply stand with your back to the wind, hold your kite up by the bridle point, let the line out, and enjoy this leisure activity.

3. Wheels

Cruise the path adjacent to Carson Street from Clark to Palo Verde for the most scenic view. On this path, all wheels are welcome and you will likely see a range of little ones testing out their roller skates and scooters to skilled riders on Trek bikes and in full gear.

4. Take in a Ballgame

As you’re strolling through the park take a chance at watching some of our local boys and girls engaged in a competitive ball game. Decide your alliances, ascend the bleachers, and cheer on with enthusiastic parents. Make the day even more magical with a trip to the snack bar and enjoy a reasonably priced charbroiled burger combo, nachos or freshly baked cookies.

5. Fitness Course

On the path between Clark and Bellflower, you will find a series of fitness stops for all your biceps, triceps, quad and core needs. The sturdy equipment requires you to lift, dip and pull your own body weight making for a worthy challenge. Work up to a full sprint between stations to maximize your results.



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