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Long Beach Unified Students To Re-Enroll And Choose Plan That Is Best For Their Family

Today Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) Superintendent Jill Baker released her first message shedding light about the coming school year for LBUSD. All parents and students are encouraged to watch her full video here:

Here's a few bullet points:

• LBUSD officials have walked every campus and determined most classrooms will fit about 14-17 people in order to follow social distancing guidelines. This significantly smaller capacity will change the way classrooms look and function this year.

• Beginning in two weeks there will be a re-enrollment process where every family will be able to choose the educational option that they feel works best for their family this coming year.

• There are unique options based on whether your child is in elementary, middle, or high school.

• All grade levels have the option to stay home and use virtual, online distance learning as well as at least one option to attend in-school instruction.

• Elementary school students have the option to attend half-day in-school learning every day. The other half of the day they may either complete their individual work at home or on campus using supervised work spaces spread across the school

• Middle school and high school students will use a daily alternating schedule (every other day) for in-person instruction if they choose that option. They will complete independent work at home.

• Middle school and high school students also have the opportunity select an independent study program that focuses on four core "APEX" online courses and allows them to simultaneously enroll in an online course(s) provided by Long Beach City College.

• All teacher, students, and individuals who walk on to campus each day will be screened before entering and required to wear a face mask.

For more info in the coming weeks stay tuned to or their social channels!


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