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Laser Skin Care Center’s Commitment to Saving Lives Now Reinforced with Cutting-Edge Technology

Ready for some positive news? Ok! Here goes.

Laser Skin Care Center (LSCC), a state-of-the-art dermatology practice in Long Beach, recently acquired new, life-saving equipment that is a complete gamechanger for the practice – the Tissue-Tek Genie Advanced Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining System. If you don’t quite know what this amazing equipment does…it’s okay. I didn’t either when I first heard about it, yet now it’s all I can think about.

Before we get into what the Tissue-Tek Genie Advanced Immunohistochemistry Staining System does, let me explain the medical and cosmetic dermatology utopia that is Laser Skin Care Center. LSCC is a place full of kind, welcoming staff and an impressive lineup of the most talented providers who make their patients the absolute top priority. From the moment you step inside, your spirits are immediately lifted - this coming from a guy who tries to avoid hospitals and doctors at all costs.

Laser Skin Care Center is a dermatology destination that offers medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology in a 13,000 square foot facility. Located in the heart of Long Beach, the LSCC office is clean, spacious, and most importantly, built specifically for the services its doctors, aestheticians, and PA-C’s provide.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a few of LSCC’s doctors and staff who were able to provide even more insight into what is so special about the practice.

Dr. Young Kwak, a board-certified dermatologist practicing general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, touched on the uniqueness of LSCC’s structure. “What stood out to me when searching for the practice that I would call home was the collegial feel I immediately experienced at LSCC. Everyone seemed to work so well together and support each other in a way that seemed so special. An added bonus is that LSCC is one of the few large practices that is not backed by Wall Street. The practice is 100% privately owned by doctors, meaning that we’re able to make patient care at the forefront of our practice.”

Dr. Kwak removes skin cancer from patients roughly 20 times a week, and while he’s a seasoned professional who works well independently, he appreciates the help he receives working side-by-side with so many other highly-trained dermatologists.

“Most patient-first private practices have, at most, a single dermatologist,” notes Dr. Kwak. “When you do get a lot of dermatologists under the same roof, they are often working for a large healthcare company that favors profit-driven practices over extreme patient care. The combination of patient care and a cohesive dermatology workforce at LSCC is extremely rare.”

Aesthetician Joy Gostin was drawn to the practice due to the outreach of owners Dr. Kane and Dr. Glassberg, who in addition to being highly-respected dermatologists in Southern California, also dedicate their time and resources to helping the less fortunate gain access to dermatological treatments.

Joy focuses on providing preventive and corrective skin treatments as well as testing for allergens. She is an expert in diamond glow treatments, chemical peels, and medical grade facials and echoes the sentiment that Laser Skin Care Center is unique and sets a high bar within the Southern California dermatology community.

“Basically, everything is done in-house, including diagnosis with our in-house pathology lab. We are at the frontlines of every patient’s care and are able to know that we’re evaluating each case as if it were our own family members’,” says Gostin.

It is extremely rare for a private practice to have its own pathology lab. Even more rare is having a Tissue-Tek Genie Advanced Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining System.

This IHC equipment is an advanced machine that aids in-house pathologist Dr. Skupsky in looking for specific cells, proteins, molecules, and genes expressed in the skin to aid in the diagnosis of skin tumor and rashes. Whereas routine stains are non-specific, IHC is directed to specific protein markers within skin tissue. In addition to localizing proteins expressed by tumors, IHC can be used to analyze cancer genomics, inflammatory markers and offers rapid detection of infectious organisms. “The IHC can highlight cells and structures that would otherwise be invisible under my microscope,” explains Dr. Skupsky.

Along with the rest of the LSCC team, Dr. Skupsky is elated about having this highly advanced system right there in the office. With the IHC staining system available in-house, patients receive results faster and less expensively. Plus, the medical team including doctors Kwak, Kane and Glassberg along with aesthetician Joy Gostin can directly communicate with Dr. Skupsky to receive more accurate and personalized information for each patient.

The combination of top dermatologists working together with the most technologically advanced equipment is what Laser Skin Care Center is all about.

“We all work together here as a team, with patient care as our number one priority,” says Dr. Skupsky. “You just don’t see any other practice like this.”

For your next medical or cosmetic dermatology appointment, contact Laser Skin Care Center in Long Beach and experience for yourself the care, patience, and passion of their team. You’ll see exactly why LSCC stands out in the field of dermatology!

Laser Skin Care Center

(562) 997-1144 3828 Schaufele Ave Suite 300, Long Beach, CA 90808 Mon – Fri, 8-5pm


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