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University Trophies and Awards Holiday Specials

Just in time for the holiday season, University Trophies & Awards have the fun and festive designs for all of the holiday parties. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all huge holidays that everyone loves to go all out for. Whether that be pumpkin carving contests, costume contests, the Thanksgiving turkey bowel, an ugly sweater competition, or even just a simple Christmas gift exchange. University Trophies is the place you need to be when it comes to victory trophies, ribbons, pins, or even engraved wine bottle cases. Shawn along with the rest of his family has such a passion for this business.

“There is a lot of passion that comes form each piece we create”. University Trophies & Awards also have custom designs. This can be for Christmas tree ornaments, contest ribbons, or any type of engravings. All engravings are done in the shop itself. This is the perfect season to start thinking of future gifts or just decorations to have around your home for the holidays. This could be a water bottle that you have and you want to engrave something on it to give to your girlfriend, friend, sister or mom as a birthday or Christmas gift. It does not matter the time of the year. Personalized engravings happen all year long.

Shawn Fitzpatrick is the son of the founders of University Trophies & Awards, which was founded almost 50 years ago. Just like his parents Shawn has a great passion towards this industry. “We are very unique”. As we enter the holiday season everyone over at University Trophies and Awards could not be more excited. They continue to find multiple ways to make each gift or trophy a little more personal and unique. Go check out University Trophies and Awards for all of your holiday decorations and gift giving needs.


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