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Annika Bellamy's Time has Come with Hit song Summer O'clock

Summer 2019 had a lot of great moments one being the new hit pop song Summer O’clock. This song was released this past July by Long Beach resident Annika Bellamy. Since the release of Summer O’clock, a few management firms and small record labels have offered deals with Annika, one firm in particular is White Lion who is now promoting Summer O’clock through Sony Orchard brining worldwide exposure to Annika. The songs success is a dream come true for the Long Beach resident and had been played in airports, banks and even at the biggest night club in Tokyo, Lex Tokyo. Summer O’clock is just the start for Annika and the success that is in her future.

If you listen to the song a main message is relaxing and living in the moment. This is how Annika Bellamy chooses to live life during her Summer days. This song of Annika’s focuses on the good parts of Summer. She wants her audience to know that Summer should not just be another season in our lives, but a time in our lives that we should be celebrating. In Annika’s words, “Bring out the positives in Summer”.

Annika recently moved to Long Beach from Las Vegas and is taking in the opportunities that Long Beach has to offer. She loves the outdoors. Since being in Long Beach, Annika has found the beach to be her sanctuary. This is where she goes to clear her head, have fun with friends and most importantly gets her inspiration to write her music. “Since moving to Long Beach, I have made the beach my gym”, Annika Bellamy recently stated. Not only is Long Beach a place where she can write new music; this has become a place where she can reconnect with her Spanish roots. Annika was pleasantly surprised with how diverse Long Beach is with people, music and food as well.

“I am very much a free spirit”, Annika commented. She is inspired by her family, friends and the surroundings of Long Beach itself. Annika added that writing new music gives her “such a rush by creating a type of atmosphere for people where everyone feels welcomed”. Annika truly cares about how her music affects every person that listens. She is very passionate about creating new music that impacts the lives of others in a positive and relatable manner. Be sure to listen to her new song Summer O’clock and support this young up and coming Long Beach artist. We can not wait to see what Autumn and Winter have in store for her.

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