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East Long Beach Pool Supply Has Your Summertime Fun Pool Necessities

The first day of summer officially began last Friday! The clouds are dwindling and the temperature is soon to be getting increasingly hot. For all you pool owners out there, it’s time to finally take the cover off your pool in the backyard, change into your bathing suit, and make a splash.

But wait! Oh Golly! You took the cover off and now it appears that you're about to take a dive into a kale smoothie colored pool.

Take a deep breath, change into some clothes, and remember that our friends over at East Long Beach Pool Supply have everything you need to get your pool to look crystal clear and ready for summertime fun!

Over at East Long Beach Pool Supply, chemicals and toys are quickly flying off the shelves because everyone is trying to prepare for the summer season, and so should you!

Chemicals & Pool Appliances

When your pool water changes from a healthy shade of sky blue to a sickly green, there’s only one reason: pool algae. If it’s a light shade of green, the algae has probably just begun to take hold, but a deeper green means you have a hefty problem on your shoulders.

The algae then creates dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria that thrive in water. A pool filled with untreated water is the perfect environment for disease-carrying microorganisms to move from one person to another.

Therefore, pool supplies such as a suction-side inground pool cleaner, pool brush, test strips or liquid test strips, and pool shock/chlorine is the perfect set you need to turn your pool from icky to pretty. Oh, and did I mention that all of the above can be found at East Long Beach Pool Supply?

Other chemicals that East Long Beach Pool Supply also carries are: Pro’s Pick professional grade pool salt, Fiber Clear pure cellulose filtration media, Pooline jumbo tabs, Pooline conditioner, Pool Season pH Up and Down, Pool Season Alkalinity Up, and Pool Season algae control to name a few.

Common pool appliances that the pool shop sells are: Pentair above and inground suction-side vacuum cleaners, pool brushes, pool nets, spa test strips, spa purifiers, pool filters, Spa InSPAration aromatherapy, and more.


Now that you’ve gotten all the necessary chemicals and appliances to make your pool as clean as a whistle. It's time to buy the finishing touches before you get the grill fired up and start sending out invites.

To liven up the time you spend poolside, cool pool toys are a must. Whether your a kid or adult everyone loves a good, competitive round of one-on-one pool basketball. Or maybe a reclining inflatable ice cream cone to get their tan on. Whatever it is, there is something for everyone in the family.

To turn your pool into a real party this summer East Long Beach Pool Supply has gathered toys such as: poolside basketball courts, flippers, goggles, soak balls, giant beach balls, pool tubes, ride-on animals, reclining pool floaties, and more.

Occasionally random store discounts on toys are announced on East Long Beach Pool Supply Instagram and Facebook accounts. Common discounts in the past are 20% off all toys, $10 off big toys, and a free small pool noodle with any pool toy purchase. To get your hands on a deal be sure to keep an eye out on their social media platforms.

“We're extremely invested in the swimming pool industry, we don't just sell chemicals to the people that come in here,” owner, Eric Poling said. “We have over 40 years of experience and we are here to make sure our customers get the optimal pool supply service they deserve.”

Well, there you have it folks, head on down to East Long Beach Pool Supply to make your summer a memorable one.


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