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Burgess Cotillion Is Now Accepting Early Registration Applicants

Have you ever went to a wedding, family function, or party wishing you knew how to bust a move on the dance floor? I’m not talking about breakdancing, but ballroom dancing such as the swing, jitterbug, and waltz.

As we get older, attend parties, and realize were one the only partygoers scared to take a step on the dancefloor. You're probably left thinking, “why didn't my parents teach me proper etiquette and ballroom dancing.”

Why not put an end to the generation of youngsters who are scared to dance and enroll your child at Burgess Cotillion. Here your kid can: learn how to dance, review manners and teach etiquette, make new friends, and stress having fun in a structured environment.

The program is divided into three different age groups. The youngest category is 3rd to 5th graders, followed by the junior high category, 6th to 8th graders, and lastly, high school students, 9th-12th graders.

Throughout your kid's enrollment, Burgess Cotillion will teach your child the three basic ballroom dances: waltz, foxtrot, and swing. Every season, Latin dances such as the chacha, samba, and meringue are offered one year, alternating with salsa, tango, and rumba the next (upcoming).

“We have experienced teachers circulating around the dance floor throughout each class,” cotillion master, Bobby Burgess said. “We also are happy to have junior teachers, who are all former students, helping your children learn new steps.”

Modern popular dances, such as flossing, and classic novelty dances such as the Charleston, the polka, and dances from the 50s’, 60s’, and 70s’ are all instructed depending on Burgess Cotillion program schedule.

In regards to manners and etiquette, students will get the chance to grasp knowledge on how to introduce themselves, how to go through a reception line, how to ask a lady to dance, and how to sit properly. A table will be set up during one dance class for a demonstration of table manners. Cell phone and computer manners will also be reviewed.

Burgess Cotillion has eight dances a season that are each an hour and a half long. Here kids will be able to put to practice what they have learned in their dance classes all while socializing and meeting new friends.

Out of the eight parties, three of them are fun themes such as a Halloween party complete with a costume parade and contest. Other themes that might occur are Hawaiian Holiday, Dancing at the Movies, Country Western, Dancing Around the World, or the Fabulous Fifties.

When the final dance of the season approaches, parents will be invited to participate in our mother-son or father-daughter dances. An annual waltz contest will also take place where trophies and prizes are awarded to the winners.

Throughout the dance, kids are expected to create lifelong memories filled with fun and friends. At each dance, contests, games, prizes, refreshments, and a ticket drawing winner will be provided.

Early registration for the upcoming season starts July and ends on September 10 with the cost being $210. Anything after the early registration deadline is $210. The payment includes instruction classes, dances, manners and etiquette, dances, prizes, and refreshments.

“We're continuing the legacy of cotillion that calls back to the 50s’ and 60s’,” Burgess said. “Everyone that comes has a great time. We review all the dances and try to instill confidence in the kids so when it comes time to a dance, wedding, or cruise, they're confident.”

Burgess Cotillion classes are held at The Grand, Catalina Room on 4101 E. Willow St. Classes will be limited to 60 boys and 60 girls. To register call or email to receive an invitation for your child at 323.874.7393 or Your child’s name, the grade he/she will be in next September, and home address will be required.


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