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The Singer With 1 Vocal Chord

2nd Annual PHriends4Life singer steals the show

Pulmonary Hypertension is a life-threatening disease that is present in only one in a million people. It is such a rare disease that doctors tend to not even look for it. One of the most common medical practices is to diagnose based on Occam’s razor. Simply put, the simplest explanation is probably the right one.

Occam’s razor says, if you hear hoof beats in the wild don’t assume it’s a zebra - because it’s probably a horse. That’s why Team PHenomenal hope wears zebra t-shirts. Ornah Levy from PHenomenal Hope told me about how the Zebra is to bring attention to how rare the disease is. The only cure is a lung and a heart transplant and even then it is not certain that you will be cured.

When I was told that there was a benefit concert dedicated to fighting this disease featuring Elm Street Band and another amazing singer I wanted to go. So I threw on my finest Hawaiian shirt and packed a nice picnic and headed to Marine Stadium. The Elm Street Trio was out and playing with Long Beach music legend Mike Sevatsky.

Sevatsky opened up the concert with some amazing covers by The Doors and Van Halen. Then after we were treated to the wonders of the Elm Street Trio. The trio was out and playing with Mike the whole night. Playing many famous covers of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and also Johnny Cash. After the first set was done, the main event was due to start.

Chloe Temtchine is an LA based singer who has one of the best stories out there. Originally from New York, Chloe found singing early on as she spent a lot of time at Baptist Churches and was always around Gospel music. Music was her life and she wanted to make it her career, however one day in the studio she had an issue.

When she went to sing nothing came out. After a few tests it was determined that her left vocal cord was paralyzed. After a year of waiting, many tests, and procedures done it was determined that it was permanently parazlyed. Her right vocal cord was altered so she would be able to still speak but very softly and was told to give up singing. While Chloe refound her voice after lots of hard vocal training sadly this was not the end of bad news.

This was only the start of her journey, after a long 11 years she found out she had Pulmonary Hypertension. Happy she found of a word for all of the issues she had it only led to more issues. However nothing would stop Chloe from singing, even with only one vocal cord, an oxygen tank, and many issues from the diseases.

She is still such a positive person as she named her own oxygen tank Steve Martin because she wanted it to be less depressing. When Chloe came on to sing she was accompanied by Dave Berry her Bandmate, Boyfriend, her everything as she described him to me.

She is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard, she is someone who plays her own original music and covers. Her cover of Havana by Camilla Cabello was a beautiful rendition of the song. After her set everyone was amazed by her skill and bravery.

As time has gone on Chloe has only been happier with her life and singing. She started a foundation and wanted to bring more smiles to kids dealing with Pulmonary Hypertension with the ChloeTemtchine Foundation. Chloe and the Elm Street Band created the perfect night to help benefit a wonderful cause. It is so inspiring to see people dealing with something horrible come together and want to help others. People were putting others ahead of themselves that night. It was not your average concert in the park and I think that it what made it amazing.

Please consider donating to team PHenomenal hope and the Chloe Temtchine foundation as they work on finding a cure for PH.

Listen to Chloe on anywhere you listen to music at Chloe Temtchine


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