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Basiago Family Dentistry Is Now Offering Invisalign

Who wouldn’t want a radiant smile? Feeling comfortable shining our pearly whites in front of a camera not only makes us feel confident, but is crucial for our health.

Unfortunately, not all of us have a glistening celebrity like smile but thankfully, Basiago Family Dentistry located on 5373 E. Village Rd. in March debuted a new alternative for getting our teeth on the right track to a durable healthy smile.

Introducing, Invisalign; unlike traditional braces which use metal wires and brackets with the intent of getting the most ideal movement or position for the teeth, Invisalign utilizes a set of clear plastic trays as a way of your obtaining your perfect smile. Invisalign straightens teeth to give them an ideal position, to improve their look, and to promote proper function.

“Braces can be a nuisance to keep clean and people generally don't like having braces,” said Dr. Jonathan Basiago. “Invisalign is a great opinion to take away the annoying parts of orthodontic treatment and make it a much easier and pleasant experience in order to correct that misalignment.”

To get started, interested patients will be asked to schedule a consultation where the dentistry will take photos and impressions and send them off for analysis. Here dental specialists will be able to determine what sort of treatment would best work for you.

“Before getting started it’s important to do an examination to make sure you don't have any active decay or cavities because everything needs to be stable before the Invisalign treatment,” Dr. Basiago said.

Throughout the duration of a patient's Invisalign treatment they will be asked to come back to the office every six weeks and change their Invisalign trays every one to two weeks.

Every six weeks during a patient’s office visit, Basiago Family Dentistry will check up on the patient’s progress and see if any adjustments need to be made. During each office visit the dentistry will send customers away with the next few trays that will last them up to six weeks.

In terms of the trays themselves, patients will be asked to wear each tray for one to two week depending on the extent of movement that Basiago Family Dentistry are trying to do with that tray.

Basiago Family Dentistry prides themselves in using the Invisalign to not only educate patients on the aesthetic concerns that most people come into the dentistry trying to fix, but to highlight the vital functional concerns that Invisalingn can aid.

“Most people see Invisalign as purely aesthetic, but it's also important to have teeth that are well aligned for the long term health of your teeth,” Dr. Basiago said. “Well aligned teeth can protect your bite and reduce the need for future dental treatment. If you have misaligned teeth you’re going to be at risk for chipping and wearing your teeth.”

Most Invisalign treatment cases take about a year to two years max. Some can be longer and some can be shorter depending on how extensive the case is and how effective patient compliance is.

Pricing depends on the severity of the case however, free consolutions are always welcomed for people interested in getting started. No matter the case, patients are welcomed to come in so Basiago Family Dentistry can see if you would be a good candidate for Invisalign.

“We care a lot about our patients and people like coming here because that care shows through their time here,” Dr. Basiago said. “We are never rushing to get to the next patient, we give you our full attention and we want to make sure you have a stress free and pleasant experience at the dentist.”

To schedule your free consultation or for more information on how Invisalign will make a perfect candidate for you call (562) 429-5965 or visit their website ( Basiago Family Dentistry is located on 5373 E. Village Rd., Suite C; they are open Monday at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday at 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and closed Friday through Sunday.


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