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A Real Person For Real Estate: Ellen Henry

Background: Born and raised in the heart of Belmont Shore, Ellen spent summers riding her longboard down to the Bay, grabbing tacos at Super Mex, and jumping off bridges in the Naples canals – living the Long Beach dream!

In 2016 she joined her mom’s Real Estate Team to focus on the city she loves.

How are you making an impact in Long Beach?

How am I making an impact? WOW! I get to help people who thought owning a home was a pipe dream make that dream become a reality! Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to turn $1 into $1,000 and a majority of the population is not educated on how much more affordable and attainable achieving the goal of owning a house really is. There aren’t a lot of young realtors in Long Beach who can relate to insane student loan debts, challenging & competitive job markets and seemingly unaffordable home prices, but I can.

How has Long Beach shaped your world view?

Honestly, it took the experience of leaving Long Beach and living in other places to shape my world view. Growing up in a city where you are exposed to so many things that are “different” really shapes your scope and your heart.

What is your vision for the future of Long Beach?

I want to see more small businesses open and feel community support; less chains! I want to see more outreach and housing/treatment programs for the homeless and mentally ill population. I want Long Beach to stay Long Beach-we are not Newport, we are not Manhattan, let’s not try to be and let’s stay the diverse, be-who-you-wanna-be, charming town we’ve always been!


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