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Steven Calista: Shining A Light On LBSU's Athletics

Background: Steven grew up in the high desert and moved to Long Beach to attend LBSU for broadcast production. He was hired by LBSU athletics in 2014 and during these past few years, has overseen and grown the video production department titled “Beach Vision,” into a vital and progressive program. He has also worked freelance for productions ranging from commercials to music videos, concerts, and talk television shows.

How are you making an impact in Long Beach? Since my first year in 2014, it has been my job to increase the exposure of Long Beach State Athletics into the ever growing online digital medium. In 2014, I was the only part time video staffer with a minimal crew streaming 4 sports, which covered about 50 games online. We have from that point forward developed exponentially into our own in-house video generation office comprising 25 employees, extending from understudies to full time staff for everything digital-creative from photography, to graphic design, video production, live streams and in-arena fan experiences. In addition to all the non-live content, we now stream over 150 sporting events for Long Beach State, which is about 375 hours of live substance each year produced by Beach Vision. In doing this, we are connecting our student-athletes to fans, family, and friends all over the world. We started the #LBTop5, where we highlight the top plays of each month, and all highlights are archived and used in various videos throughout the year for external purposes. At no other time have we had such a great amount of content to work with and it is all a result of our streams and expanded staff.


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