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Maddy Washburn: A Woman Who Can Do It All

Background: Born and raised in Long Beach, Maddy Washburn ( attended Wilson High and CSULB. Three years ago, she left a full-time job to start her very own digital marketing agency. She now works as a freelance marketer, photographer and drone pilot based out of Long Beach. After escaping the 9-5 office life, she loves finding cool new spots to work from around the city, from coffee shops to beachfront cafes. Some of her current work includes drone photography for real estate clients, managing social media for local businesses and creating content for her own brand as well.

How are you making an impact in Long Beach?

I believe we are all small fish in the very big Long Beach pond, but even the smallest things can make a difference! I really love promoting our city and sharing its beauty whenever and wherever I can. Some of my favorite photography and drone shots have been landmarks around our city. Whether it’s capturing an epic sunset over the Queen Mary or taking a helicopter ride over Belmont Shore, I love sharing my photos with the world either on social media, my website or print! What is your vision for the future of Long Beach?

I would love to see Long Beach continue its diversity in the future because I think that’s what our city thrives on. Since we’re neighbors with the ocean, I would love to see an expanded recycling program for our city. While many retailers have banned plastic bags and discourage the use of plastic straws, I think there’s still so much we can do to improve this! I also love our new Bike Share program and would love to see more people using it, along with other eco-friendly transportation options in the future.


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