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University Trophies & Awards Is More Than Just A Trophy Shop

Walking outside of University Trophies & Awards after my first visit, I was left chuckling and shaking my head after being denied my presumption that University Trophies & Awards sold strictly trophies.

Yes, I noticed the word “Awards” in the store name but I figured it would be nothing more than a couple of trophies, ribbons, and certificates… boy was I wrong. I couldn’t help but think that other local Long Beach residents had the same thought in mind when they passed by the shop.

After spending an educated hour in the shop, I can firmly say they DO NOT just sell trophies and ribbons. University Trophies & Awards is far more than just a standard trophy shop. Below I will provide a list of just some of the products that University Trophies & Awards can help you create.

Casted medals, full-color print medals, texture tone medals, acrylic awards, glass awards, crystal awards, plaques, ribbons, lanyards, pins, travel mugs, clocks, letterman patches, belts, flasks, wine cases, chains, tiaras, rings, leather flasks, leather coasters, and more.

Point blank, whatever creation you have in mind, University Trophies & Awards is happy to assist you in whatever trophy or award creation you have in mind.

After coming out of their busiest time of the year, Spring, where they do trophies for schools, baseball, and all around recognition awards. Summertime means that the trophy and award shop will be switching gears to create awards for summertime fun events such as car shows, golf tournaments, cook-offs, and family reunions.

With the events listed above quickly approaching, customers walk into the shop asking for a medal or trophy. They quickly become caught off guard when asked which type, texture and color they would prefer.

For medals, the store offers a variety that is sure to suit anyone's needs whether they prefer an old-school or modernistic look.

Medal designs such as casted, full-color inserts, to the new full-colored textured printed are offered.

“Medals first started as a casted medal (left). Then medals evolved to a full-color insert medal (middle) where color is printed onto an insert and then pressed on a medal,” owner Shawn Fitzpatrick said. “The newest medal is a full-colored textured printed medal (right), where the ink is printed right on to the medal while providing texture to the graphics.”

As for trophies on the other hand, University Trophies & Awards offers an assortment of trophy types whether acrylic (a form of plastic), glass, or crystal (higher-end glass).

“When most people picture a trophy, they think of an old school trophy with a figurine on the top and a colored column in the middle,” Fitzpatrick said. “Now, trophies and University Trophies & Awards sell modern molded, risen, fully painted statues with big words.”

University Trophies & Awards located on E. Willow Street is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed on Sundays. For more information on how University Trophies & Awards can help bring your creation to life call (562) 429-0415.


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