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Meet David Rivas, Coach at Cabrillo HS

Background: David was born in Inglewood and lived there for about two years before his parents moved the family to Long Beach, seeking a safer community. He serves as an assistant soccer coach at Cabrillo HS.

How are you making an impact in Long Beach? I feel like I’m making an impact in Long Beach by coming back to coach (as an assistant for Coach Noyse) at my old high school (Cabrillo) and being able to mentor students into the right path instead of [having them] take the wrong path like some of my old friends did, which led them to end up in jail. I know it made a big impact when Cabrillo in the west side of Long Beach, what many view as the worst part of Long Beach and not a top soccer school in the Moore League, was able to win a state championship. How has Long Beach shaped your world view? I feel that Long Beach needs to help those in need and support academics as much as student athletes. For example you have Juju Smith who has been one of the most impressive and inspiring persons I have seen in my era. They should recognize that Long Beach is the city of athletes, even Snoop Dogg is an inspiring person. To me he has done a lot for this community coming from “the Hood “ and has brought Long Beach together with his music. When you have people like that you can’t help but just admire them as a role model and someone that cares for their city they represent.

What are your goals for the next 5 years? I see myself graduating from Cal State Dominguez Hills. I hope one day I can be the head coach and continue the legacy that Coach Noyse has created in his 20-plus years at Cabrillo.


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