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Dr. Denise M. Jones Chiropractor Thrives In The Naples Community

A little over one and a half years ago Dr. Denise M. Jones made the conscious decision to expand her location into a venue that better fit her business ambitions, all while maintaining the same customer's relations she held at her old location at 7th St. and Mira Mar Ave.

In October 2017, Dr. Jones moved to 5941 E. Naples Plaza, just a few steps, two minutes of walking to be exact from the beach.

Ever since adjusting locations, old and new clients that walk into Dr. Denise M. Jones Chiropractor business are taken away by the beautiful scenery. From the green trees blowing in the ocean breeze, the smell of saltwater flooding their nose, to the swinging business sign and intrinsically crafted dutch doors; it's nearly impossible to not feel as though you are stepping right into your long awaited beach home.

“People have said that when they walked in they know they're in the right place,” owner, Dr. Denise M. Jones said. They feel relaxed; people have literally told me that the moment I meet them.”

Not only do her clients seem to be enjoying the new Naples location but it's even a huge success for Dr. Jones. Since making the transition she highlights how jubilant she is to be in the Naples community.

“People have been so warm and receptive. We've been extremely busy, and we're just kind of getting a name and a brand down here; it's just been heaven,” Dr. Jones said.

Before moving down to Naples, Dr. Jones had clients dispersed throughout Long Beach since she has been around 18 years prior to moving into her new location. Since the big move, she has met a lot of new people and got to opportunity to form new relationships which of course grow over time.

Dr. Jones specializes in personal injury cases, sports injuries, workers compensations, private insurance, and private pay patients. Age has no limit, she specializes in infants as old as 48 hours and the elderly as old as 97 years old. To top it off, Dr. Jones even helps treat pregnant women throughout the different stages of pregnancy to alleviate any pain or discomfort throughout the pregnancy process.

Consultations are always free. Anytime a patient wants to call or come in Dr. Jones is more than happy to help all at no charge.

Upon walking in patients will be expected to fill out a couple of forms and complete a history assessment that will help Dr. Jones pinpoint what the problem is and how to fix it. New patients should expect an hour visit for a full assessment and physical.

Common chiropractic modalities such as ultrasound, massage therapy, heat and cold, and E-Stim are some of the common practices performed at Dr. Denise M. Jones Chiropractor. If there's something that she doesn't think is a chiropractic issue, Dr.Jones will tell you and lead you in the right direction.

Business for chiropractic with all the modalities is just $60, once you are an established patient you can also get an adjustment and a massage for $100. Consultation is always free.

Those interested in chiropractic care from Denise Jones, DC, can give her a call at (562) 588-7500.


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