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Spring Clean Your Car At Naples Island Car Wash & Detail

Spring is upon us! It’s that time of the year where the dreadfully anticipated spring-cleaning season is in full effect; but who said cleaning is only for houses? Rejuvenate your car to make sure it has the ability to help you enjoy the outdoors this upcoming driving season. Clear the pennies out of your cup holder and trash the receipts that magically traveled under your car seat.

To make the car cleaning process easier Naples Island Car Wash & Detail provides interior, exterior and full detail services to give your car a complete makeover all within a reasonable price.

An interior detail consists of shampooing all carpets and upholstery, and conditioning all leather and vinyl to remove stains.

The car cleaning specialists start by taking off the floor mats and shampooing them. They then take a cleaner and scrub everything inside such as the seats, center console, dashboard and door handles. Finishing off the process by shampooing all the carpet inside the car to remove all build-up.

The process can take four hours if your car has cloth and 3 hours if you have leather. The total price for an interior detail is $120.

An exterior detail, on the other hand, is comprised of a claying treatment, machine buffing polish, sealant and wax.

The car detailing team located at 5790 E. 2nd St., begins the process with a handful of clay. They wet the whole surface of the car, and scrub the entire car back and forth to pick up building oxidation. From there a buffing machine is used to polish the surface of the car.

Following the buffing, the exterior detail goes through a three-step process. Naples Island Car Wash & Detail uses a compound that gets rid of minor scratches and scroll marks. They then get a polish to help prevent future scroll marks and to make the car look shiny.

Shortly after, a sealant is used to polish and provides the car with a finishing touch that seals everything in. Lastly, wax is applied to the whole entire car, just to give it an extra layer of their good touch.

The whole process typically takes about five hours. If the condition of the car isn't in such great shape it can take up to six hours. The total price for an exterior detail is $180.

Each detailing services comes with a complimentary wash. To top off your car, there's a wide variety of scents to keep your car smelling fresh and brand new such as pina colada, lemon, cherry, black ice and vanilla.

“All our washes are hand-washed. There is no track in there,” manager Hugo Calderon said. “A lot of people don’t like the tracks because it clamps on the rim and chips it away.”

The car wash and detailing center is currently offering a promotion that is only valid for a month. Every Thursday, for this month, the Long Beach car wash will discount $20 off a full detail service (interior and exterior) cutting the price down from $210 to $190.

For all detailing services, an appointment is mandatory. Call Naples Island Car Wash and Detailing at (562) 987-5772 to schedule an appointment, or send an appointment request online using this link:

“We will ensure your car gets the best possible care in a timely manner,” Calderon said.

“Our detail experts will make your car look practically brand new.”

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