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Laser Skin Care Center Offers a Dermatology Experience Unlike Anywhere Else

Walking into Laser Skin Care Center is like walking into a dermatology paradise. You’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s like a shrine to skin care. A glorious, buzzing facility, dedicated to anything and everything that deals with the skin from medical to cosmetic to products. A far stretch from the dermatology experience of which most patients and doctors are accustomed.

Though the dermatology field has grown tremendously in the U.S. over the last decade, most dermatologists find themselves confined to a career of solo practice. Whether they own and operate a small office of their own, or they work under a big healthcare corporation as the single dermatologist in a large hospital or office, the ramifications are generally the same. Less resources and less teamwork.

That is…in comparison to Laser Skin Care Center of Long Beach… there’s really nothing like it around and if you visit, you’ll get it.

Laser Skin Care Center is a pioneer in its industry and is changing the way the dermatology treatment is experienced. With eight full time MD’s and two aestheticians on staff, the LSCC team has created a synergetic, one-stop shop for everything skin-related.

Multiple lasers and devices are on hand to treat everything from skin cancers to hair removal. A state-of-the-art, in-house pathology lab can guarantee same-day or next-day biopsy results for the doctors on staff. Laser Skin Care Center is a leader in Moh’s Surgery, full body cancer screenings, and everything on the cosmetic side from Botox applications to Dermapen microneedling.

Dr. Lina Kennedy has been with Laser Skin Care Center since 2016. She has expertise in everything from general examinations to medical and cosmetic surgery. What stands out to Dr. Kennedy about Laser Skin Care Center is their ability to give patients 2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions all within one office.

“Patients feel really comfortable knowing we can call in different doctors with various expertise and make sure they are getting the absolute correct diagnosis and treatment.”

Dr. Kennedy and her colleague Dr. Hong Nguyen both emphasize the benefits of having so many dermatologists and skin care experts in one office. Because of the resources available, often patients who visit for one ailment end up utilizing treatment for something else as well.

Dr. Nguyen remembers a patient who came in worried about a growth on his nose. His nose was also slightly deformed due to multiple breakings. She examined him for Melanoma but instead found a more common, yet serious type of skin cancer called Basal Cell Carcinoma. Thanks to LSCC’s in-house laboratory, Dr.Nguyen was able to diagnose her patient that same day, as opposed to other practices where off-site labs may take up to a week to report back.

“That alleviated a lot of worry, stress, and concern for my patient,” she said. Then Dr. Nguyen scheduled a procedure to have the cancer removed within the next week By one of LSCC’s Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons who ensure clearance of the cancer while minimizing the sacrifice of normal skin.

“It’s the kind of all-inclusive skin-care treatment that is common practice around here,” said Dr. Nguyen.

Dr. Kennedy agrees. She recalls a recent experience where a patient came in worried about a spot on her leg. Dr. Kennedy examined the spot and determined it was benign - no problem. But since the patient was already in the office Dr. Kennedy offered her a complete full-body exam.

“I ended up finding a mole under her shirt that turned out to be Melanoma. We caught it early enough to remove it and save her…but that incident ended up having a big impact on her life.” Dr. Kennedy’s precision and care gained her a patient for life as she still checks in on her about every three months.

Those that are on staff have many stories similar to these. It’s a big reason why employees - and patients- stay with Laser Skin Care Center.

Dr. Kennedy puts it best: “We are a big facility with so much to offer and yet our founders still uphold the idea and values of family. Not only are we a family of doctors but we’re encouraged to treat our patients like family as well. That’s something we really take to heart.”

Laser Skin Care Center can take care of all your dermatology needs - medical, cosmetic, or both! They are located at 3828 Schaufele Ave, Suite 300, in the Douglas Park development in East Long Beach. For more information visit


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