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Are You a Carpet Color Expert? No? Lucky They Are…

It’s the first thing you notice when you walk into Family floors. Their new Anso® nylon Color Wall by Shaw Floors, which has an array of colors in three core styles, solid, tonal and accent. The color-coded carpet sample wall is more straightforward, which makes choosing a color carpet or rug for your family room, bedroom, or office a more enjoyable, less stressful experience. At Family Floors they also help you make that decision by making suggestions for your specific needs.

The color wall has eighty colors, including neutral, muted shades of ivory, oatmeal, tan and blue that come in two styles, solid and tonal. In the solid carpets, one shade of color coats the yarn while the tonal carpets contain several shades of a color.

Because the wall is symmetrical, it’s easy to compare the difference between the solid color samples to their tonal counterparts. The diamond center comprises eighteen accent colors that use multiple colors, which is great for high traffic areas.

Beside the amazing color options, Shaw Floors’ Anso nylon carpet is made with the latest, innovative technology that makes the fabric durable and soft. Anso nylon uses the R2X system that coats the yarn from top to bottom with a stain and soil resistance treatment. This helps prevent liquid spills from sinking into the carpet.

Depending on your needs, Anso nylon carpet also has two different backing options for superior durability. The LifeGuard® has a thermoplastic backing that keeps spills and pet accidents from sinking into the subfloor. SoftBac® allows for a superior stretch that hides seams and eliminates scuff marks on your walls and baseboards.

Finding carpet that’s stylish and great quality is more in reach than ever before. What used to be an unfavorable household chore is now a fun, creative design experience. Visit Family Floors to take a look at the new gorgeous colors and feel the soft texture of nylon in the three different styles, solid, tonal and accent.


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