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Building a Better Place for Faith... Scott Andersen

When Scott Anderson, a general contractor, is not busy building new homes, he’s busy helping “build the body of Christ” both figuratively through his volunteer work with Bethany Lutheran Church and literally by overseeing the remodel of the church building itself.

Scott is the general contractor and the first chair in charge of the churches newest remodel dubbed the Renaissance Project. Scott has overseen the remodeling of the church’s youth room, offices, and currently the sanctuary. The project has brought new paint and new roofing to the sanctuary as well as refurbishing all of the pews and putting in new tiles, sound, electrical to the inside.

On this honor, Scott has said, “I couldn’t be any happier to be chosen to be their contractor and to work with the staff here at Bethany. I feel so blessed. You can’t out-give God. I’ve been a good servant, and he’s rewarded me by letting me build this church for him.”

Scott’s mother was a political activist in his youth, working extensively within her community and for the city of Lynwood. This would invigorate the mind of a young Scott as he attended Bethany Lutheran from fifth to eighth grade in the 1970s.

Now with a family of his own, Scott continues the legacy of his mother’s activism by volunteering extensively at Bethany Lutheran. Scott has been volunteering at the church for about twenty years, running the high school youth group for three, being on the Board of Elders for nine, and now on the Evangelism board. Some of Scott’s impact can be seen when he brought back the church’s golf tournament which he turned into a fundraiser. The tournament raises about $10,000 -15,000 a year which they give back to the community and members of the church such as missionaries. Scott’s impact extends farther than Long Beach with the church donating the money raised one year to help fund the construction of a church in India.

As for Bethany Lutheran’s progress, Scott expects the church’s remodeling to be completed by May and is thrilled that his work will be making an impression upon the future generations attending the Bethany Lutheran.

“We’re making a dent in salvation and that’s my goal. Help build the body of Christ, literally, figuratively, and increase the number of those going to heaven.”


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