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Step on Down to Tenni-Moc’s Shoe Store

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of your daily madness it’s easy to become unconscious of the things that really matter, such as our hardworking feet. Typically this results in foot problems that more often than not fall off to the waste side. The foot problem in result doesn't get repaired unless assisted.

A trip to the orthopedic seems like the best solution although, not only does this prove to be time-consuming, it can also cost an abundance of money directing you to spend more money someplace else.

Tenni-Moc’s owner, Alexandra Maltezos defies the odds by providing her customers with a free foot analysis that addresses and identifies the issue on the spot.

“The sooner you address, the faster the product works and the issue diminishes. Everything in this store is so you don't need to go to the doctor,” Maltezos said. “What separates us from the rest is that we get to know our clients on a personal level. We ask about their daily routine to see where the problem stemmed from, in result, providing customers with on-the-spot solutions.”

For visiting customers, they not only use Tenni-Moc’s to buy footwear products but utilize the facility to gather basic knowledge on personal foot problems.

Maltezos highlights how two years ago she was providing customers with knowledge based on working with podiatrists. As time passed, she hired a staff that allowed her to get a certification in podiatry so she can further assist customers.

Fast forward a few years, and Maltezo is now teaching her staff the same foundational knowledge she attained about the podiatry industry.

“My team takes weekly tests on foot analysis, shoe styles and shoe material knowledge,” Maltezos said. “The shoe industry is constantly being renovated so it's important to have a foundational knowledge on all of these changes.”

Table sales will be held until March 1, encouraging customers to grab the last of their closeout items and boots. Free shipping will continue to be provided all orders that surpass $75 on their website.

Appointments can be made using the easy-point feature on the website or through a simple phone call. Same day appointments are up for grabs, but hurry before all slots are taken.

For more information about Tenni-Mocs and to browse their selection, visit


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