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The Importance of Protecting Your Family Through Life Insurance

Don Gath Insurance values the importance of protecting your family through life insurance. Read to learn more about taking the next step to get insured.

No one can predict bad incidents or prevent them from happening. But it’s a part of the life we live in and many times, our loved ones are left in the dark with no financial help.

“It’s an important topic because there are many families, who haven’t or put off this decision...this need for their families,” said Insurance Agent Gregory Gath. “They don’t because it’s a lot to think about or they don’t know where to start.”

Life insurance protects any dependencies if the unthinkable occurs. During that time of need, money is available to help the family financially by paying off any obligations.

There are two types of insurance: adequate low-cost term insurance and long-term life insurance. The key difference between both is cost.

“Many financial experts will tell you to make sure the basics are covered first,” he said. “That’s low term life protection”

It’s less expensive than long-term insurance and less of a strain on the family budget. However, low-cost term insurance does not last forever.

“The idea is to get it to last during your prime incoming years when your family and kids are dependent on you,” Gath said. “Once the kids are grown and in college, there isn’t much of a need [for adequate low-cost insurance].”

It’s a key factor to take care of the term plan first before adding long-term life insurance.

“People know in the back of the minds that it’s something they need to do to be responsible to protect the family,” Gath said. “They love them...want to protect them. It’s the way to show it.”

There is a quote system on Don Gath Insurance’s website, where customers can get an estimate on various companies offers. Anyone interested in learning about adequate low-term insurance can also call (562)498-6701 to speak to an insurance agent.


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