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First Comes Love Then Comes.. Insurance?

Love has no timeline. However, it does have trends, and trends say that a lot of couples get engaged sometime between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

If you’re thinking about popping the question, you may think about making sure you have the right coverage for the engagement ring. Neighbors Plus Insurance can schedule coverage on your existing home or renter’s policy. OR, you can obtain a personal articles floater for a specific item.

But, what about the wedding? Neighbors Plus Insurance has you covered there as well by offering coverage for all special events, including weddings.

People get wedding insurance for many reasons. So much is going on during your big day, and sometimes the best thing to plan for is piece of mind. Wedding insurance can cover cancellation or postponement of the event, event photographs or video, event gifts, special attire, special jewelry, lost deposits, and liability coverage for the venue (including liquor liability). Don’t let something little worry you and just enjoy your event!

Neighbors Plus Insurance is friendly, locally-owned, and always willing to answer your questions! Visit for more information.


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